Activities for All

No matter what you enjoy, there is something for you here at Cabins at Lost Trail. To put it simplest, we’re your home base in the mighty wilds that surround us. Right outside our front gate are miles and miles of San Juan National Forest, ready to be explored. In addition, the Weminuche Wilderness is across the Rio Grande River, so it is near impossible to run out of places to explore and play. For some, home base is where they like to stay – simply breathing the fresh high mountain air and unplugging for the week is the perfect vacation. For others, they are off on their ATV to wet a hook before they even unload their vehicle. Others plan a trip to town to hit the shops. The great thing is that you choose how you spend your time. We offer you a nice comfortable place to stay, and you fill your time however you please. Below you will find some popular activities people choose often, but please inquire if you have any questions or need additional information – we are happy to assist in any way we can.


The upper Rio Grande Valley is home to an extensive array of hiking options. Hiking options include everything from shorter family friendly walks to rigorous long distance hikes to peaks that are over 13,000 feet. Please keep in mind that it is best to acclimate to the elevation here, especially if you are coming from somewhere closer to sea level. The ranch sits at just below 10,000 feet, so often a light walk is quite enough to get you started. If you would like tips on acclimating, please let us know.

Rafting / Boating:

Snow melt runoff in June and July create a great opportunity for exciting and thrilling white whiter rafting on the Rio Grande. We recommend Mountain Man Rafting, based in South Fork, if you’d like to do a guided tour on the Rio. This is a great option for the family. The Rio Grande Reservoir is a large body of water that you can boat and fish on it you’d like as well.

Horses / Horseback riding:

Horseback is a great way to get to see some of the more remote sections of the Rio Grande National forest. Frazier Outfitting offers guided horseback riding options for all skill levels from beginner to cowboy with trips starting right from the ranch. Guests can choose half day, full day, or overnight trips to suit their taste and needs. Click here for a link to Frazier Outfitting.

Should you wish to bring your own horses, this must be coordinated in advance and set up accordingly during the reservation process and includes a horse fee.

ATV’s and Off-Road Vehicles:

The upper Rio Grande Valley has fantastic off road opportunities for virtually all vehicle types. While there is no recreational riding on ranch property there is ample area to park both vehicles and trailers. USFS road 520 runs from right outside your cabin all of the way across Stoney pass to Silverton CO. This road is open to any ATVs, side by side vehicles and razors as well as to all high clearance four wheel drive vehicles. Lost Trail Creek Trail is open to single-rider 4×4’s and motorcycles.

For side-by-side rentals, contact Freemon’s Guest Ranch at (719) 658-2454 in advance to reserve for your stay. You can also rent Jeeps and other recreational vehicles by the day or longer in Lake City.


You are likely to see a variety of wildlife during your stay and while you’re out and about adventuring. In the early season (May), you may see elk as they migrate to the high country. They spend the summer at and well above tree line (11,000 feet and up).

Deer sightings are extremely common, not to mention all the little forest critters like squirrels, birds, and wild bunnies. You may also see black bears, moose, or mountain lions in the area. Enjoy the wildlife but be mindful and always keep a safe distance!



The upper Rio Grande Valley is home to a staggering array of quality fishing. In fact, many guests come with an agenda to fish, and fish only! There are many lakes and streams of varying sizes as well as rivers to fish in. This means that no matter if you are a casual spinner or bait fisherman, or a fly fishing fanatic we have fishing options to suit your needs. Our nearest fishing options include some well-known places like the Rio Grande River, Pole Creek, or Lost Trail and Ute Creeks. In addition we have several area lakes where people can bring boats to fish, which makes for a great family outing with the kids.

Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be happy to recommend fishing destinations for you if need be as well as provide feedback on where would suit your physical abilities, fishing experience and even where the fish are biting.

If you are interested in setting up a guided fly-fishing trip, there are options in the area for this as well (Like 8200 Sports in South Fork). Let us know and we can point you in the right direction if this interests you.

Licensing and Colorado fishing info can be found here.


We are blessed with some of the best hunting options in Colorado. Unit 76 is a quality preference point draw hunting destination famous for elk, moose and bighorn sheep. If you are a do it yourself hunter who likes extra comfort, our Cabins provide a comfortable base camp. If you are looking for a fully or semi guided hunt, Frazier Outfitting operates out of the Cabins at Lost Trail.

Colorado hunting info can be found here.


With all of the scenic beauty that surrounds us, it is no wonder that photographic inspiration abounds. We have numerous professional and amateur photographers who spend their time with us looking at the world from behind the lens. It is virtually impossible to get a bad photo but with the right spot, the right light and your skill, you may come up with the picture of a lifetime to accompany the memories you make here.