Real Guest Experience: What To Expect

Written by Joel Nunneley, guest of Cabins at Lost Trail

The Cabins at Lost Trail was a place I had always dreamed about as an outdoorsman and a fly fisherman. I just didn’t know where it was until I experienced it last summer! Even the beautiful photos don’t do the scenery justice. No matter what direction you gaze, the landscape is magnificent. My trip was so memorable I keep telling my friends about it and how they need to make a visit. If you love the mountains of Colorado and want to unplug, the Cabins at Lost Trail is the best place I have ever found.

The cabins can accommodate families, or just a few guys on a fishing or hunting trip. My cabin was well appointed, clean, comfortable, and it’s really nice to have a hot shower after a long day hiking or fishing. I had all I needed in the kitchen to cook some nice meals while I enjoyed the view. Everyday there was wildlife right out my window and the mountains made a great back drop. Even in July, it was nice to build a campfire and enjoy the cool to cold weather. I’ve never been that close to the stars. It just seemed every part of the day brought something new and spectacular. It’s also nice to NOT have cell phone access. In fact, that might have been the best part of the trip! I did have email access, but I found that wasn’t even needed after a few days of unplugging from our often too busy world.

The fly fishing was spectacular! For over 30 years I have fished Alaska, British Columbia, Belize and Montana, to name a few places. I consistently caught beautiful trout, most around 18-20 inches. The fish could be had with a variety of methods, including dry flies, and never felt boring. I fished pretty hard for four days and every day was fun and unique in it’s own way. I had the good fortune of the guiding expertise of Dick Davis, the cabin’s caretaker. I’m sure I could have done well on my own, but it’s always nice to have a local show you the way. My only regret was driving away and resuming cell service!

Next summer I am returning with my family. I cannot wait to share this mountain paradise with my wife and children. Sharing this experience with them will make it even better.  There truly is something for everyone… hiking, fishing, hammocking, hunting, mountain biking, photography, napping, reading, ATV’s, star gazing, and just unplugging from the rat race. These cabins are waiting for someone’s next adventure.

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